Hi little bird its been awhile

What have you done with that cheeky smile? 

Ive missed your face, your feathers too, 

More importantly, I’ve got something to tell you.

Come closer my confidant and ill fill you in, 

It’s a secret, a story, a little sin. 

You know what we had talked about?

That promise we made day in and day out? 

Im about to break it little bird, yes I know, 

But things change and people grow. 

You are mistaken my dear I don’t feel dread,

Like a psychic I see ahead. 

Oh i’ve longed for your sweet voice

I wouldnt leave you if I had the choice. 

But you’re not really here bird of blue, 

Just a mirage from a day I rue. 

And now my life is all anew

Of things I cannot tell to you.

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