Angel my love.

Angel my dearest.

Where do you reside? 

Is it in the velvet sky? 

Or the care my love provides.

Tell me angel darling is there a pearly end? 

What will I meet at eternity’s gate, a task or a friend? 

Angel love I’m getting restless, when will you react? 

Im getting tired, I’m getting dreary, I need you to distract.

Angel show yourself, my life is nothing but work and money.

Whisper softly please I beg, can my life be honey? 

Beautiful angel I need your help,  où est ta la maison?

I fear I can’t escape the constant strike from the baton. 

Oh angel, my queen, I’m sorry I doubted your devotion.

I understand your purpose now without the cloud of emotion.

Your wings are too precious to carry my struggles, and skin too porcelain to fight my troubles.

Lovely angel you are everything, from a  palm in St. Tropez to a cats nose-pink and gray.

Come, say salut and I’ll kiss your rosy cheek. My love for you is everlasting, you’ll hear it when I speak.

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